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Forget cookie cutter blogging

Content Creation

Our unbiased, organic storytelling is powerful, and has the ability to deliver your brand’s narrative through blog posts & articles in a way that can turn people into believers, and our followers into your brand ambassadors.


Beautiful high resolution images from professional photographers that can be used for marketing materials, visual storytelling, press or just to make a lasting statement.


Bring your campaign, website and social channels to life with our high definition professional travel video component, including live vlogging and artistic destination features.

Social Media

With some of the most influential social media personalities in travel, we can put together a social media campaign for your brand that gets both in-the-moment traction and lasting results, whether you’re looking for a stand-alone campaign or something on a larger scale, such as real time sharing, a Twitter chat or giveaway.

About Us

From content creation to videography to professional photography to social media strategizing and beyond.
professional multi-media campaigns by a dynamic group of female influencers

Women’s Travel Media is a dynamic group of female bloggers with many different talents, ranging from content creation to videography to professional photography to social media strategizing and beyond.

What we’re offering you is a professional multi-media campaign, focused on increasing engagement with your brand in an organic way. Each campaign is completely customized to fit your brand goals, whether that be increasing your social media following, adding high resolution images to your media gallery, telling a compelling story to potential customers or something else.

There a number of reasons to partner with bloggers for your brand's campaign: to humanize your message, to reach new markets, to give your brand a face, to add natural content to your message.

In our modern digital age, where new blogs are popping up every day, it can be difficult to choose the right blogger for your brand. Women's Travel Media makes it easy for you. We've compiled a team of the industry's top bloggers. While each member of the group has their own particular strengths, the one thing we all have in common is experience. We know what it takes to create a successful media campaign from the ground up, from planning to execution to analyzing outcomes, and we know how to get positive results. This is what we can offer you.

Jessica Festa

Organizer / Blogger
Jessica Festa is a travel writer based out of New York City. Her work is syndicated on the Daily Meal, Details, We Blog the World and Business Insider. She is the editor of epicureandculture.com and jessieonajourney.com.

Seattle Dredge

Organizer / Photographer
Seattle Dredge is a travel writer and photographer based out of Toronto, Canada. Her work has been featured on Mashable, Canadian Living and Travel + Escape. She writes at seattlestravels.com.

Kirsten Alana

Blogger / Photographer
Kirsten Alana is a photographer and content creator based out of New York City. She specializes in Instagram where she uses short form blogging as virtual travel guides. She writes at aviatorsandacamera.com.

Elizabeth Carlson

Blogger / Photographer
Elizabeth Carlson is a travel writer and blogger based out of Wanaka, New Zealand. Her work has been featured on the BBC, AFAR, and Forbes. She writes at youngadventuress.com.

Dani Heinrich

Blogger / Travel Writer
Dani Heinrich is a travel blogger and digital nomad, and has been travelling the world full time since 2010. Her in-depth travel stories and insider tips never fail to capture her loyal audience. She writes at globetrottergirls.com.

Bianca Jade

Blogger / Social Media
Bianca Jade is a fitness style and trend expert based out of New York City. She has been featured on the New York Post, Teen Vogue, Us Weekly, and Fox News. She writes at mizzfit.com.

Kelly Lewis

Blogger / Travel Writer
Kelly Lewis is the founder of gogirlguides.com, and Women’s Travel Fest, an annual travel event that inspires, empowers and connects women in travel. Kelly is a contributing writer to Huffington Post, Thrillist, and Yahoo Travel, among others.

Megan Eileen McDonough

Blogger / Social Media
Megan Eileen McDonough is a travel writer based out of New York City. She won Travel + Leisure’s SMITTY Award for “Best Overall Use of Social Media by an Independent Travel Photo-Journalist/Videographer”. She writes at bohemiantrails.com.

Kristen Sarah

Blogger / Videographer
Kristen Sarah is a travel blogger and videographer based out of Toronto, Canada. She focuses on filming her travels and shares her experiences on her growing YouTube channel. She vlogs at hopscotchtheglobe.com.

Candice Walsh

Blogger / Social Media
Candice Walsh is a travel writer and blogger based out of St. John’s, Newofundland. Her work has been featured on the BBC, CBC, matadornetwork.com, AFAR, and others. She writes at candicedoestheworld.com.

New Members

Currently Accepting
We are currently considering and accepting new members based on their fit to the group. If you are a blogger interested in joining our group, or looking for a specific blogger to join your campaign, please contact for more details.

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